1) What is the idea behind SwapIt? 

At SwapIt we cater to the women who are not feeling the best they can be in their clothing Women who are not feeling empowered by their look and are ready to do something about it. 

SwapIt provides personalized fashion advice and a way to expand and consolidate your wardrobe. By working one on one with a personal stylist you build a partnership to create a wardrobe that treats you better. A wardrobe that you love, feel great in and makes you happy to be seen. 

We have a well thought out and tested process to make sure you find the best pieces to suit you and your lifestyle. Our experienced and non judgmental stylist walks you through the whole process with ease. You will walk out saying that was fun and feeling like a million bucks. All for only $50.

2) Do you accept donations?

We would love any women's clothing you have. We do not accept accessories or shoes at this time.

We accept any women's clothing that you may have, and you get to rest easy knowing that the clothing is going to other women who are on a style journey (not the trash). Our mission is to take the stress, overspending and negative environmental effects out of shopping and SwapIt for an easier, more productive and cleaner experience. Therefore, we do not buy any clothing, and this allows us to keep prices affordable. 
3) Can I buy a session as a gift?

Of course and in fact it makes a great gift!  

Once you have given the gift have her email us (style@aswappinggoodtime.com) and we will let her know how to set up her appointment. 

4) Where are you located? How can I get there? Is there parking?

363A Main Street, Medford MA 02155
Near Oasis Cafe. There is pull in metered parking right in front or a parking lot on Yale street, right around the corner.

Bus options:
101 - Best option - Drops off right in front of SwapIt
95 - 8 Minute Walk - Drops off on Mystic Ave near Bonner Ave.
89 - 15 Minute Walk - Drops off at Powderhouse Square
80 - 15 Minute Walk - Drops off at Powderhouse Square

We are also a 20 minute walk from the Davis Square Red Line. 
5) What sizes and brands do you offer? 

Currently we offer XS-XL. We only have what people donate to us, so it varies based on what we get in. We are hoping to be able to offer larger sizes. Check back for current information. 

As for brands we offer hundreds of brands. Everything from Micheal Kors to J. Crew to Anthropology to Loft to Forever 21 and everything in between. 

We have around 1,500 items in our inventory. 
6) What if I do not find 5 items that I like in a session?

That very rarely happens and almost half our customers end up buying more. If by some crazy chance you don't find 5 items the cost of the session remains. You are still getting the one on one attention of an experienced stylist, the clothing is just an extra bonus. 
7) Am I supposed to tip?

Tipping is entirely up to you. We do offer a very personalized service similar to getting your hair cut, but ultimately it is up to you what you are comfortable with. 
8) If after my session I want to buy more items than are included, what does an average piece point?

We price by category. 
Scarves: $3
Tops: $5
Jackets: $10
Bottoms: $10
Dresses: $15
9) Can I just come and shop?

Our value proposition is to help you shop. Take away the pain that many of us feel when entering a store. That is why are floor is a showroom to show case the looks that your closet could hold. We do not have traditional shopping at our store. The way to shop us is to book a session or attend an event. 
10) Do I have to bring anything to my session?

Nope. You are more than welcome to bring clothing from home that you would like to learn how to wear and we can work with them. You can also bring in clothing that you would like to donate to us, but nothing is required. 
11) Do you host events?

Yes, please check out our events page for more info. 
12) What's a Lookbook?

Style is habit-forming, but only if you have a system in place that practically forces you to roll out of bed and throw on something gorgeous. Your Lookbook is that system. Its an a photo album of you in outfits you love. We help you create one so you can remember everything we did and never have to put time and energy into getting dressed again.

13) How do I get in touch with you?

Email us at style@aswappinggoodtime.com